Waviv was founded in 2008. It has main office in Jakarta, and R&D center in Bandung, the Paris of Java. The firm originated from consulting company in geophysical surveys and seismic processing that currently expand its business mission for G&G analysis and interpretation by 2014.

Waviv Technologies (Waviv – Wave Imaging and Visualization) is a group of talented professionals, graduated from many top universities in Europe and Asia. Today, Waviv is known as a company with innovative solution for seismic data with pioneering in the enhancement for a better imaging.

Company Background

Management Team

Technical Development

Our research team develop various technologies in seismic data enhancement for G&G analysis. Our first technology was Stochastic Full-waveform Inversion that was developed by 2008. In our dedication to develop Indonesian geophysical technologies and cultivate local talents, Waviv build WaveTomo, a full-waveform inversion software based on the novel Helmholtz solver invented by Yogi Ahmad Erlangga. We continuously develop our technologies until the present date into a suite package called SARP, DRECT, and HIT.